Job Board Pricing

Job Post# of MembersDurationPrice
Alabama (AAHIM)
(Healthcare facility (hospital or clinic/physician office) outside of the state of Alabama)
900+90 days$100
Alabama (AAHIM)
(Healthcare facility (hospital or clinic/physician office) in the state of Alabama)
900+90 days$0
Alaska (AKHIMA)
100+90 days$75
Arizona (AzHIMA)1,000+30 days$60
Arizona (AzHIMA)1,000+60 days$100
Arizona (AzHIMA) 1,000+90 days$150
Arkansas (ArHIMA)500+90 days$0
Colorado (CHIMA)1,000+30 days$45
Colorado (CHIMA)
(Job post + special email broadcast)
1,000+30 days$85
Delaware (DHIMA)100+90 days$100
Florida (FHIMA)
4,000+90 days$125
Florida (FHIMA)
(Multiple positions)
4,000+90 days$300
Florida (FHIMA)
(For individuals who have purchased a single posting and want to upgrade to unlimited postings within a 90 day period)
4,000+90 days$175
Georgia (GHIMA)3,000+90 days$100
Hawaii (HIMAH)200+90 days$0
Illinois (ILHIMA)4,000+90 days$100
Iowa (IaHIMA)800+90 days$100
Kansas (KHIMA)
(Job post + special email broadcast)
1,000+30 days$145
Louisiana (LHIMA)2,000+90 days$75
Maine (MeHIMA)
(MeHIMA Non-Member, Vendor and Recruiter)
300+90 days$100
Maine (MeHIMA)
(MeHIMA Member)
300+90 days$0
Maryland (MdHIMA)1,000+90 days$100
Maryland (MdHIMA)
(MdHIMA Corporate Partner)
1,000+90 days$80
Michigan (MHIMA)
MHIMA Member
3,000+90 days$75
Michigan (MHIMA)
Non-MHIMA Member
3,000+90 days$150
Michigan (MHIMA)
MHIMA Corporate Members
3,00090 days$75
Minnesota (MNHIMA)
(Job post + special email broadcast)
2,500+90 days$100
Mississippi (MSHIMA)
(Non-MSHIMA member and/or non-MS healthcare facility)
600+90 days$100
Mississippi (MSHIMA)
(MS healthcare facility and/or MSHIMA member)
600+90 days$0
Missouri (MoHIMA)1,500+30 days$75
Missouri (MoHIMA)1,500+60 days$100
Missouri (MoHIMA)1,500+90 days$125
Montana (MHIMA)100+90 days$100
Nebraska (NHIMA)500+90 days$0
Nevada (NVHIMA)400+90 days$100
New Hampshire (NHHIMA)200+90 days$100
New York City (HIMANYC)
100+90 days$70
New York City (HIMANYC)
100+90 days$90
North Carolina (NCHIMA)3,000+90 days$100
North Dakota (NDHIMA)200+90 days$25
Oklahoma (OkHIMA)1,000+30 days$75
Oklahoma (OkHIMA)1,000+60 days$100
Oklahoma (OkHIMA)1,000+90 days$125
Oregon (OrHIMA)800+90 days$200
Oregon (OrHIMA)
(OrHIMA Corporate Partner)
800+90 days$0
Pennsylvania (PHIMA)
(PHIMA Members - Job post + 1 email alert)
2,500+90 days$150
Pennsylvania (PHIMA)
(PHIMA Members - Job post + 4 email alerts)
2,500+90 days$300
Pennsylvania (PHIMA)
(Non-Members - Job post + 1 email alert)
2,500+90 days$200
Pennsylvania (PHIMA)
(Non-Members - Job post + 4 email alerts)
2,500+90 days$400
South Carolina (SCHIMA)1,600+90 days$75
South Dakota (SDHIMA) 300+90 days$200
South Dakota (SDHIMA)
(SDHIMA Corporate Sponsor)
300+90 days$0
Southeastern Pennsylvania (SePHIMA)100+90 days$25
Tennessee (THIMA) 1,500+90 days$200
Utah (UHIMA)
(UHIMA Members)
400+90 days$75
Utah (UHIMA)
400+90 days$125
Vermont (VTHIMA)300+90 days$100
Virginia (VHIMA)
(Healthcare Organization)
1,000+90 days$0
Virginia (VHIMA)
1,000+90 days$150
Virginia (VHIMA)
1,000+90 days$150
Washington (WSHIMA) 1,500+90 days$100
Washington (WSHIMA)
(WSHIMA Corporate Partner)
1,500+90 days$0
Western Pennsylvania (WPHIMA)100+90 days$25
West Virginia (WVHIMA) 400+90 days$100
Wisconsin (WHIMA)2,000+90 days$100
Wisconsin (WHIMA)
(job post + special email broadcast)
2,000+90 days$200
Wyoming (WYHIMA) 100+90 days$0