Privacy and Security

Understanding and applying current healthcare regulations promoting protection of medical information and the electronic transmission of health information; and acting as the patient’s advocate for their understanding of their rights in regards to protected health information on any applicable analog or digital medium.

How to Prevent a Breach: Five Best Practices to Protect Your Patients and Organization

July 13, 2017
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT

Although much attention is paid to breaches caused by criminal hacking and thefts, more than 40 percent of Protected Health Information (PHI) breaches are due to “unintentional employee negligence,” which can be attributed to inconsistent organizational policies, processes not being followed, and uncertainty amongst staff with different levels of training and experience. This presentation will explore the latest trends and statistics related to PHI breaches, both on the state and national level, and recommend five best practices healthcare organizations can adopt to lower their likelihood of PHI breach.

Speaker: Rita Bowen, MA, RHIA, CHPS, SSGB

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Compliance and Legal EHR To Go: HIPAA Compliance Constant Expansion

These courses provide in-depth learning in easy to manage 60-minute sessions on HIPAA compliance and legal health record related topics. Current and proposed HIPAA privacy / security rules with best practices are presented in a format that counts as formal HIPAA training required for all Covered Entities and Business Associates.

Legal Health Records relate to HIPAA Privacy and Security. Therefore, these courses also address definition of your Legal Health Record (Defined for Disclosure) and useful best practices to ensure lower liability in litigation and eDiscovery, among other evidentiary uses of electronic health records for court processes.

This online education opportunity provides information necessary for Privacy and Security Officers, HIM Professionals, Physician Office Managers and Compliance / Risk Professionals to maintain their edge in the course topics, which serves to reduce the liabilities of all Covered Entities and Business Associates. Each course design addresses the needs of all staff members, from top to bottom within your organization. As it is strongly recommended that all staff be trained at new hire, yearly and upon material changes (which are occurring several time as a year of late) to maintain HIPAA compliance, this online education opportunity exceeds the basic requirements and offers the courses in easily manageable recorded formats.   Differing courses can be utilized to educate particular workgroups within your workforce.These courses primarily target the rapidly increasing user base of electronic health records, but also the hybrid record environment where two or more electronic systems work together. Paper records and hybrid components always addressed as well. Both Covered Entities in the acute hospital and all types of ambulatory environments, along with all Business Associates can benefit from this training as the rules apply to all creators and managers of the patient’s protected health information (PHI).

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