June 18, 2020
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

The dynamics of coding audits has shifted since ICD-10. With the shift comes changes in procedures, coding patterns and trends. Auditing offers an ideal avenue to understand and influence overall patient health, improve clinical documentation and enhance the fiscal health of a health care organization. This provides visibility and understanding of what areas need improvements and corrections.

Providers can help increase accurate reimbursement in a faster turnaround time and provide valuable education to your coders at the same time through auditing provider’s documentation in ensure accurate coding for billing. By reviewing where provider’s, can improve will provide deep insight into process improvement.


  • Learn how your organization can achieve financial success, quality outcomes and avoid costly penalties.
  • Discover how to build a coding audit program with the breadth and depth that fits your organization.
  • Learn to incorporate a variety of chart selection methodologies into your program that result in the most complete, well-rounded compliance program.
  • Review how documentation must support the DX listed on 1500-ICD-10 to provide greater specificity to ensure capturing appropriate codes
  • Understand that coding applied by EHR systems is not always accurate and how to ensure accuracy.


  • How can your organization achieve financial success, quality outcomes and avoid costly penalties
  • How to build an effective audit program that fits your organization
  • Chart selection
  • Review documentation to support 1500 data
  • Understanding how to ensure EHR systems are coding your correctly


Speaker: Angela J. Knight