We all know healthcare is a continuum, yet most people don’t realize there are different pathways to maximum health depending on the age, ability, and overall health status of the patient. This presentation focuses on one of the most misunderstood continuums, that of the care provided to aging, disabled, and terminal patients. This continuum contains Skilled Nursing (SNFs), Assisted Living (ALFs), Long-Term Care (LTC), and Hospice facilities and services, often mislabeled as End of Life Care.

As the number of patients moving through this continuum continues to grow, the need for Health Information Management Professionals will eventually outstrip the pool of educated, credentialed HIMs within the industry. This presentation will outline the different levels of care, what HIM looks like in these environments, why this industry is one of the most rewarding for an HIM professional, and why you should consider bringing your skills to a career within it.

The webinar will:
– Explain Continuum services
– Illustrate patient movement through the Continuum
– Provide an example of HIM in the Continuum
– Discuss industry HIM struggles and impending changes
– Engage HIMs from all areas of Health Care to support Continuity of Care

Speaker: Kelly Cooper