GHIMA is pleased to announce the availability of a comprehensive set of HIPAA tools from CompliancePro Solutions that work together to form the basis for a compliant HIPAA privacy and security programs for many types of entities covered by HIPAA. Kelly McLendon, RHIA, CHPS, a subject matter expert well known to GHIMA for work with our association for literally decades, authored these tools and has used them regulatory within his companies consulting services. CompliancePro Solutions offers extensive HIPAA subject matter content as well as automation of HIPAA compliance activities. These tools have been reviewed many times by the Office for Civil Rights and has passed their requirements each time.

The tools include policy manuals containing approximately 25 polices each addressing the HIPAA privacy and security rules. The privacy policy manuals are tailored for either covered entities or 2 different types of business associates. The security policy manual addresses requirements for all HIPAA entities. These manuals are presented as Marco based Word documents.

Also available are flexible assessment questionnaires that provide the underlying framework to assess both Security and Privacy rule compliance through the use of the risk analysis process called for within the HIPAA security and privacy rules. These risk analysis documents are presented as macro-based Excel documents which can be adjusted for less or more complexity dependent upon the level of analysis desired. These tools have passed through reviews by both OCR and CMS for meaningful use. The following items are available separately or in combination, at a discount.

A. Privacy Risk Analysis
B. Security Risk Analysis
C. Security Policy Manual
D. Privacy Policy Manual CE
E. Privacy Policy Manual BA1
F. Privacy Policy Manual BA2

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