Today, anyone can go to an ATM and check their balance or receive cash from anywhere; yet, a doctor caring for an unconscious patient in an ED would likely have no knowledge of their current allergies, medications or medical problems. Automating the workflows within an individual medical organization is just one factor in the evolution of health IT adoption. As clinics move into more advanced health IT deployment under Stage 2 Meaningful Use, standardized clinical data will have to be shared beyond the four walls of the organization to create a longitudinal view of the patient’s health record; a true Electronic Health Record. This session will heighten your awareness of the world of health information exchange (HIE) including acronyms, logistics, barriers, standards, privacy considerations, and positioning using health IT. Join Adele Allison as she covers the basics of this fundamental Stage 2 requirement for Meaningful Use as applies to transitions-of-care, referral management and the patient’s ability to go online and view, download and transmit a summary of their care record.

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