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Release of Information Assistant
Bryan Health

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Work Setting: Hospital
Job Function:
Release of Information Specialist
Job Type:

Job Description

The Release of Information Assistant performs all duties and responsibilities related to disclosing patient information in total compliance with federal, state and local laws and procedures.


  1. *Commits to the mission, vision, beliefs and consistently demonstrates our core values.
  2. *Interprets and processes all patient, family, attorney, subpoena, court order, insurance company and physician’s office requests to disclose information from a medical record; responds to requests made in person, via telephone, fax, mail, or email.
  3. *Fulfills all requests within the department’s designated timeline, utilizing the organization’s electronic medical record system; enters information or scans documents into the computer at required intervals.
  4. *Adheres to and honors patient confidentiality at all times.
  5. *Interprets and follows the department’s pre-billing requirements.
  6. *Assures a valid authorization is present before releasing information.
  7. *Determines the exact patient information from the medical record that is needed by the requestor; communicates with the requestor to ensure only the information needed is obtained.
  8. Photocopies, prints or faxes the correct pages from the medical record and bundles appropriately for delivery.
  9. *Prepares an accurate billing statement and follows procedure for entering the charges into the computer.
  10. *Handles patients’ requests under HIPAA requirements concerning amending patient records or receiving an accounting of disclosures; follows departmental procedures as required.
  11. *Accommodates all patients who request to review their own medical record.

    Additional college coursework in medical office technology or related field of study desired.  Minimum of one (1) year experience related to medical record content in a hospital or medical office required.Experience with a multiline phone system preferred.  Experience with RightFax software and functionality preferred.Provides front desk coverage as required; greets and assists walk-in customers; sorts and distributes mail.

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Posted: August 9, 2023 at 2:51 PM
Post ID: 80213

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