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Medical Records Professional
Manhattan Surgical Hospital

Location: Manhattan, Kansas
Work Setting: Ambulatory Care
Job Function:
Job Type:


The Medical Records Consultant is that consulting staff member who acts as an overseer of the Medical Records system, through periodic assessments. This person also works with the Administrator to determine the record keeping needs while evaluating Records for compliance with both State and Federal Regulations. Services will be provided on an independent contracting basis.

Job Description

1. Reports directly to the Administrator.
2. Reviews existing policies and makes recommendations.
3. Develops a recommended medical records staffing plan.
4. Assists medical records personnel with developing:
4.1 An optimum maintenance system for medical records in the facility.
4.2 A periodical review of the medical record maintenance function.
4.3 Action plans to improve medical record operations as needed.
4.4 Medical record work processes and flow.
4.5 An organized work area.
4.5.1 Setting up a code and numbering system.
4.5.2 Development of an acceptable filing system.
4.5.3 Review of current record retention and destruction policies and make recommendations for modification to said policies.
5. Conducts random review audits of medical records.
5.1 Pull ten(10%) of the charts on at least a quarterly basis.
5.2 Reviews charts to be intact, complete and accurate and to show continuity.
5.3 Issues a report of findings to the Continuous Quality Improvement/Compliance Committee.
6. Assists in the development of an in-service program concerning various aspects of medical records.
6.1 Orient and assists the medical staff in understanding the purpose and use of the selected nomenclature in order to obtain a complete diagnosis in acceptable terminology.
6.2 Assist in the instruction to personnel of the importance of health records, consents, medic-legal implications of the records, medical terminology, etc.
7. Provides to administration updated Medico-legal record and documentation information.
7.1 Issues memos and copies of regulations to Administrative staff.
7.2 Compiles a bibliography of standard medical records resource materials for the facility’s reference.
8. Holds an Ad Hoc position on the CQI/Compliance Committee.
8.1 Works with the committee in designing forms.
8.2 Reviews proposed forms and makes appropriate recommendations.
9. Performs all other general duties considered necessary to provide the essential functions of the job duties.
10. Complies with the essential goals and functions of the job duties.

Required Qualifications

Experience: Must have at least three (3) years experience as a medical record practitioner in a licensed facility. Must be a registered health information administrator or a registered health information technician as certified by the American Health Information Management Association, or who meets the educational or training requirements for such certification.
Job Skills: Must be thorough and exact in examining records for accuracy and completion.
Must be reliable and dependable.
Must be able to respect the confidential nature of the medical records of the facility.
Must be tactful, diplomatic and concise in interacting with medical and nursing staff.

Education Qualifications

Maintains continuing education activities in the field regarding medical administrative, ethical and legal requirements of medical records.


Manhattan Surgical Hospital offers a competitive benefits package that is available upon request.

Instructions for Resume Submission

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Posted: September 2, 2020 at 2:17 PM
Post ID: 53895

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