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Executive Director
Washington State Health Information Management Association (WSHIMA)

Location: home-based, Washington
Work Setting: Other
Job Function:
Job Type:
Salary Range: $1750/ for 30-50 hrs/mos

Job Description



Job Description


JOB TITLE:               Executive Director

CONTRACTOR:       Contracted salary position for 2-year term

Part-time approx. 30 – 50 hours per month


CREATION DATE:   4/28/2020



REPORTS TO:          President, Washington State Health Information Management Association





Under general direction of the President of the Washington State Health Information Management Association (WSHIMA), this contractor position functions independently to provide a broad range of administrative and clerical support to the association, its Board of Directors (BoD), committee chairpersons, and general membership.  This support is provided through facilitation of the activities of the BoD, and association committees within the following categories:

  • Association Liaison
  • Information/Data Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operational Support
  • Educational Meeting Support
  • Recruitment of Corporate Sponsors



The position establishes a home office, providing a locus for the business operations of the association.  Local, state-wide, and national travel is required to facilitate the business of the association.  Performs other duties as assigned.




  1. Association Liaison:


  1. Establishes an office in his/her home in which to work on behalf of the association.
  2. Provides the following services to the association from his/her home office:
    • A physical mailing address
    • WSHIMA e-mail address
    • Telephone
    • Teleconferencing capability
    • Storage of a minimum necessary office supplies, and WSHIMA equipment (including but not limited to laptop computer(s), printer(s), and scanner(s)
  3. Serves as the primary initial resource for all association inquiries and requests
  4. Serves as the primary contact resource for WSHIMA BoD, committee members, and WSHIMA members.
  5. Maintains WSHIMA electronic equipment in working order for association use.
  6. Maintains WSHIMA business files electronically according to the Operations Manual Retention guidelines.


  1. Information/Data Management:


  1. Maintains WSHIMA data, including:
    • Membership lists
    • BoD members, committee chairpersons and volunteers
    • Corporate members
    • Annual meeting exhibitors
    • Meeting/educational event speakers and their topics
    • Meeting/educational event attendees (for Continuing Education Unit verification)
    • Coding roundtable members, as applicable
    • Legal manual purchasers and usage trends
    • Scholarship recipients
    • Ballot candidates


  1. Adheres to AHIMA and WSHIMA policies regarding release of membership data, ensuring privacy and confidentiality of members’ personal information.
  2. Serves as the primary liaison with the website support and design staff
  3. Edits, prepares, and coordinates distribution of electronic communications (e-Alerts) on an ‘as needed’ basis.
  4. Files the required annual report for the association/corporation with the Secretary of State’s Office.



  1. Financial Management:


  1. Assists Treasurer with oversight management of WSHIMA funds relative to the WSHIMA annual budget.
  2. Coordinates with the Treasurer the payment of invoices received and owed by WSHIMA
  3. Receives income and expense reports and posts on Basecamp.
  4. Distributes financial reports to Accounting Firm.
  5. Deposits checks or cash received to WSHIMA bank account
  6. Uses debit card to make payments as directed by the President
  7. Coordinates preparation of the association’s annual state and federal tax returns, and timely submission of same.
  8. Finance Committee. Schedules and attends meeting, takes meeting minutes.


  1. Operational Support of WSHIMA Board of Directors, Committee chairs, and Volunteers:


  1. Assists President to maintain a current, integrated schedule of AHIMA and WSHIMA programs and events.
  2. Makes arrangements for on-site Board meetings; reserves the venue, orders food and drinks as applicable.
  3. Sends meeting invitations and teleconference link to requested attendees as requested.
  4. Attends WSHIMA Board meeting and takes meeting minutes in coordination with the secretary as needed. Sends minutes to the President for approval.  Once approved, posts minutes on Basecamp.
  5. Attends WHSIMA Committee meetings and takes meeting minutes.
    • Sends meeting invitations and teleconference link to requested attendees as requested.
    • Sends minutes to Chair for approval. Once approved, posts minutes on Basecamp.
  6. Refers any articles, reports, or current news items to Communications Committee for review, and coordinated dissemination via WSHIMA communication vehicles.


  1. Support for Annual Meeting, Educational Workshops and Events:


  1. Assists Directors and Committee Members with the development, planning, and execution of the association’s annual meeting and other educational workshops/events.
  2. Oversees and coordinates, with the oversight of the Director of Education, all aspects of meeting site planning including negotiation and signing of contracts, menu planning, room set up, and audiovisual support requirements.
  3. Coordinates preparation and distribution of meeting notices and agendas.
  4. Assists committees with the preparation and distribution of speaker packets, (i.e., speaker agreements, biographical statements, pictures, audiovisual requirements, accommodations, and expenses).
  5. Coordinates process for meeting registration and payments
  6. Assists with preparation of annual program registration materials, i.e., attendee and speaker badges, attendee lists, payment due lists, speaker honorariums, evaluations, and marketing items.
  7. Provides on-site support and oversight of registration desk and coordination of audiovisual set up.
  8. Assists with preparation and distribution of annual meeting evaluation summaries.
  9. Assists with preparation and submission of meeting income and expense report.



  1. Communication and Recruitment of Corporate Partners:
    1. Contacts expiring Corporate Partnerships for renewals
    2. Identifies possible Corporate Partners, and regularly contacts potential partners. Reports monthly activity at each board meeting.


  1. Other duties as assigned.





  1. Must be an Active or Emeritus member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), the Washington State Health Information Management Association (WSHIMA), or other Component State Association (CSA).


  1. Must possess excellent written, verbal communication and presentation skills.


  1. Ability to take initiative, exhibit resourcefulness, substantive judgment, interpersonal skills, and ability to coordinate many projects simultaneously


  1. Ability to travel locally, statewide, and nationally as needed.


  1. Must agree to establish and operate a home office, in which to perform the duties of this position.


  1. Must have office management and organizational skills; ability to organize content and coordinate responses with a large group of stakeholders.


  1. Ability to present information to board members efficiently between meetings, capture action items and responses.


  1. Must be skilled in use of office software (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or other email software).


  1. Must have computer skills and minor troubleshooting ability relative to teleconferencing connectivity and AV equipment setup





  1. At least five (5) years of applied work experience as a HIM professional with an approved credential granted through AHIMA.


  1. Previously served as a member of the WSHIMA Board of Directors (BoD) or another CSA BoD, or as a chairperson of a WSHIMA committee or other CSA committee member or volunteer.


  1. Experience managing the operations of a non-profit association.


  1. Basic accounting knowledge, experience with QuickBooks



Licensure or Certification


Must hold current credentials as an Active HIM professional granted by AHIMA.  Emeritus members are not required to have an AHIMA credential.





Instructions for Resume Submission

Send your resume to WSHIMA at

Posted: June 5, 2020 at 4:03 PM
Post ID: 51422

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