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Coding Manager
University Hospital

Location: Augusta, Georgia
Work Setting: Hospital
Job Function:
Coding Supervisor/Manager
Job Type:

Job Description

Responsible for the management and supervision of Coding. Develops and directs an effective coding compliance program and generates reports related to such. Ensures accuracy in coding and compliance to official guidelines and regulations related to coding, reimbursement and documentation. Responsible for educating physicians, coders and all members of the healthcare team on coding, reimbursement and compliance of medical records. Works with clinical and financial staff to accomplish strategic and operational objectives.


Required Qualifications

Minimum requirement of three years experience which must include supervisory and management skills in a Health Information Services Department (Medical Record Department), preferably with exposure to coding.


Preferred Qualifications

Must be able to act independently, possess critical thinking skills, and use logic and good judgement.

Must be computer literate and able to communicate with information technology staff.

Must be able to work effectively and communicate orally and in writing with peers, Medical Staff, Department Heads, and Administrative Staff.

Must ensure continuing education activities are maintained, professional code of ethics is followed in order to remain an active member of the American Health Information Management Association.

Must have ability to provide leadership and direction for a high-profile, fiscally-responsible, hospital wide program.

Must have excellent presentation skills to deliver educational programs to the medical staff.

Must have skills in preparing meaningful reports and interpreting data for administrative and medical staff committees.

Extensive knowledge of treatment methodology, patient care assessment, data collection techniques, coding classification systems and reimbursement systems is necessary.


Education Qualifications

B. S. Degree in Health Information Management (Medical Record Administration) or college degree with certificate from an accredited school for Health Information Management and a Registered Health Information Administrator.


Instructions for Resume Submission

Please apply online.


Apply Online:

Posted: July 25, 2019 at 10:07 AM
Post ID: 41125

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