January – CHF and MI

This presentation will delve into the pathophysiology of heart failure and myocardial infarction, relevant documentation and clinical indicators, and details of diagnosis coding.  Special attention will be given to recognition of clues in the medical record that can govern coding choices as well as guide decisions in querying for these important and prevalent cardiac conditions which are common both as principal diagnoses and comorbidities.

1 CEU: Clinical Foundations

February – Endoscopy CPT and Diagnosis Coding

Coding for colonoscopies and EGDs is extremely common yet often frustrating.  We will go through basic coding of these procedures in their usual versions as well as some special variations such as jejunoscopy.  This presentation will help you decipher the sometimes, confusing documentation and work through the concepts of screening exams, their indications, and conversions to therapeutic procedures.  Related diagnosis coding for GI disorders will also be reviewed.

1 CEU: Clinical Foundations

Speaker: Ed O’Beirne, MHS, CCS, CDIP

All Webinars are pre-recorded. Each session will be accessible on the following dates:

January – CHF and MI – Available on 1/25/17 by noon.

February – Endoscopy CPT and Diagnosis Coding – Available by 2/22/17 by noon.

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