The heart of chargemaster, also known as charge description master (CDM), is translating the care provided to the patient into a language that payers understand. Pricing transparency regulations can be a pitfall or a prize. Understanding how to present the health care organization’s prices to the public is another important factor to consider.

This presentation will address the common elements of any CDM and how they impact compliance and reimbursement. The new pricing transparency regulations will be addressed, and strategies on how to meet the regulations while making the facility appealing to the public will be provided.

Attendees will be able to understand the following at the conclusion of the presentation:

  1. The common elements of the chargemaster;
  2. Terminology related to the chargemaster and billing;
  3. Pricing transparency regulations; and
  4. Steps to take to make the pricing marketable.

Speaker: Kathy Heckman, RN, CPC and Rick Louie