THIMA 2017 Annual Meeting Revisited

Emerging Technology for Data Analytics and HIM’s Role

Recorded: March 9, 2017

Betty Dunagan, RHIA
Industry Manager, Health Record Solutions

1 CEU – Technology

Solving the Patient Matching Dilemma: Will the real John Doe please stand up?

Recorded: March 8, 2017

Karen Proffitt MHIIM, RHIA, CHP
VP Identity Enterprise Solutions
Just Associates, Inc.

1 CEU – Performance Improvement

What’s Scrum got to do with IT, got to do with IT

Recorded: March 8, 2017

Seth Johnson, MBA, RHIA
Executive Consultant

1 CEU – Management Development

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Data Analytics Webinar Series

A three-part webinar series will offer members an opportunity to learn how to analyze healthcare data using MS Excel and the open-source data analytics software platform, R. The webinar will include tutorials on how to carry out basic and advanced analytical techniques including data acquisition, data summaries, data preparation, and data visualization. Each webinar will run 1-hr in length and will be recorded for later use and dispersal.

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Interoperability – A Facet of Information Governance


Greater than $26 billion has been spent in Meaningful Use (MU) payouts and another $6.5 million has been spent to fund state Health Information Exchanges (HIE) and to advance HIE adoption. Despite considerable investment and several decades of effort, a meaningful level of interoperability has not been achieved. Having the right information available at the right time for the right individual depends upon the proper interoperability of all systems.


Attend this one-hour webinar for an understanding of:

  • The principles of healthcare Information Governance
  • The role of Interoperability as it relates to Information Governance and the overall concept of reliability
  • The driving factors of standardization of HIT products to enable Interoperability
  • What is meant by ‘information blocking’
  • A private sector’s response to Interoperability through the CommonWell Health Alliance
  • The opportunities Interoperability presents for HIM professionals

Speaker: Tammy Hamilton

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Electronic Health Information Exchange in Pennsylvania: Where We Are, Where We’re Going and Why This Matters

This webinar is presented by Alexandra Goss, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority and David Grinberg, Deputy Director of Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership Authority. During this webinar, you will learn about electronic health information exchange (eHIE), status of eHIE efforts in PA, and benefits of eHIE. The presentation goes into greater details about health information organization (HIO) in Pennsylvania, role of the PA eHealth Authority, the PA health information organization strategic plan, current capabilities pertaining to information exchange, partnership and grant information for eligible hospitals , as well as opportunities for collaboration with the PA eHealth Authority.

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