Employee Engagement

December 11, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

What does it mean to be engaged? Well, the short answer is it depends upon who you ask. Practitioners and academicians have different approaches and definitions. Themes for engagement definitions may include one’s commitment, enthusiasm, involvement, and discretionary behaviors, to name a few. Why does engagement matter and how is it tied to individual and organizational outcomes? Disengaged employees cost employers in excess of $450 billion dollars annually in the U.S. alone (Corbin, 2017; Sorenson & Garman, 2013). What does it mean to exhibit work passion and does this go beyond what it means to be engaged? This can be technical, but we are dealing with people after all! What can managers and their organizations do to assist employees in being engaged, exhibit passion, and go above and beyond their assigned duties? Seems like a tall order, but believe it or not, there are some simple approaches that can improve the workplace environment and the relationship between the employee and organization to maximize outcomes.

Dr. David Conley will be: uncovering the definitions of engagement; discussing employee work passion; cognitions, emotions, and behavior; the employee and organization relationship; employees going above and beyond in the interest of themselves and their organization; where medical coders fit in and the related study conducted; and takeaways for the employee, manager, and executive.

Speaker: Dr. David Conley

Fine Tune Your Coding Productivity Tracking and Monitoring Processes

Now that ICD-10 implementation is completed, it’s time to revitalize your coding productivity tracking and monitoring processes. Learn key productivity indicators for your coding functional area. Discover how implementing tracking and key productivity measures can maximize performance. Make managing productivity a healthy habit, not a headache.

Learn how to:

  • Set production standards and recognize the pitfalls
  • Track and trend data
  • Establish metrics and key indicators for productivity tracking
  • Identify common units of services to measure
  • Use results to support budgeting, staffing and performance

Speaker: Kris Knight, MBA, RHIA

HIM Roundtable: “Don’t Manage – Inspire. Leadership in a Changing HIM Environment”

June 15, 2018
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

When employees are inspired, teams and organizations have higher productivity and better outcomes, even in times of tremendous change. Leadership is no longer about managing – it is about inspiring. In “Don’t Manage – Inspire. Leadership in a Changing HIM Environment”, leaders will explore best practices in leading through inspiration – a key leadership competency to motivate others in times of change.

Presenter: Allison Craft, PhD

2018 DCHIMA Annual Meeting On Demand

Recorded: May 4, 2018
Duration: 7 hours 26 minutes

CEUs: 7.0

AHIMA Annual CSA Update – Jill Clark, RHIA, CHDA, FAHIMA, MBA – Director, AHIMA Board of Directors

HIM Reimagined – Jill Clark, RHIA, CHDA, FAHIMA, MBA – Director, AHIMA Board of Directors

The Experience on Culture of Information Use in Developing Countries – Tariq Azim

Data Analytics – Shelley Safian, Ph.D., RHIA, HCISPP, CCS-P, COC, CPC-I

Strategies for Outpatient Auditing – Angela Roeder, RHIA, CCS-P

Physician Coding & Compliance – Dr. Shelley Safian, Ph.D., RHIA, HCISPP, CCS-P, COC, CPC-I

HIM Through A Different Lens: HIM Entrepreneurship Opportunities – Dr. Zakevia D. Green-Lawson, Ph.D., MSEd, MSHA, LHRM, RHIA, FAHIMA, BCSC