Board Election Process

For those CSAs who will be using KnowledgeConnex for your online board election process, just wanted to remind you of the board election workflow process.

Step #1: Online Election Set-Up Form

You will complete the online board election set-up form.  This kicks off the election process.  The link to this online form can also be found in your board admin area.

On this online form, you will tell us important information about the election to include board positions on the ballot, deadline dates, election start/end dates, and more.

If you do not have all of the information needed to complete the form, you can “save and continue later” at the top of the screen starting on the second page . Please note that your request will not be sent to KnowledgeConnex until you SUBMIT your request.

Step #2:  Call for Nominations

We have an online call for nominations form that your association can use to solicit for names for the ballot.  We can send out email blasts for you that will include this link to the online call for nomination form.

Step #3:  Slate

Once the ballot is determined, you will send us the board positions and candidates’ names so we can start working on the ballot.

Step #4:  Candidate Bio

We have an online candidate bio form that you will provide to each of the candidates to complete.

The candidates have the option of providing a photo as well as bio information.

The candidate bio will be sent to KnowledgeConnex, and then our team will post the bio on the candidate bio page linked to the ballot.

These candidate bios will be viewed by the members while they are voting online.

Step #5:  Eligible Voters Report from AHIMA

Please email us the most recent update of the AHIMA VLD-1 “Full Member Detail Report” which identifies the eligible voters at least 1 week prior to the start of the election.

This report is available from AHIMA.  If you need assistance from AHIMA, you can contact Marilyn Render at or Joann Coleman at

Step #6:  Review of the Ballot

We will send you the final ballot (with links to completed bios) for you to review prior to the start of the election.  We will not start the election until you have reviewed and approved.

Step #7:  Election Reminders and Access to Ballot

We will send out email blasts to eligible voters based on the frequency that you indicate on the election set-up form.  Once the member votes, then recurring email blasts will not be sent to that member.

We will also post a link on your website homepage where members can access the ballot if they did not receive the email to vote.

The members will be required to enter their AHIMA IDs in order to access the ballot.  If the users are not on your eligible voter roster that you provide to us, then they will not be allowed to vote.

Step #8:  Election Results

Once the election ends, we will provide you with the election response rate, the response rate from the prior year election, and the aggregate election results.

No worries!  We will help you through each step of the process!

As always, thank you for all that you do for our colleagues and profession.

Andrea Koppelmann, MS, RHIA
CEO, KnowledgeConnex

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ALERT – Wire Transfer Phishing Scam

Association treasurers have received suspicious emails requesting funds to be transferred via wire. The email is sent to the treasurer and utilized what appeared to be the president’s email address.

Here is an actual email received by a treasurer claiming to be from the president:

Hello Barbara

Bank of American
Acct number:488045795808
Address:6166 refound rd.Dallas 75231
name:marcus Steven

Email me with a copy of the wire confirmation as soon as the payment is done.

I cant give you much details at the moment, I am in a conference, the payment need to be completed today, I will send you the invoice when am back home, let me know how soon you can get this sorted.

This activity is most commonly referred to as phishing. In the fraudulent email, there may be links to spoof websites or even spoof email addresses that imitate an association’s website. If you Google “email requesting wire transfer” you will see lots of postings on this subject.

The emails will often state that there is an urgent need for you to update your information immediately. Once obtained, your personal information can be used to steal money or transfer stolen money into another account.

The fraudsters will often find your information from the board roster on the website to help authenticate their request for information.

Use caution if you receive an email expressing an urgent need for you to update your information, activate your online banking account, transfer money or verify your identity by clicking on a link. These emails may be part of a phishing scam conducted to capture your confidential account information and commit fraud.

While technical controls have been implemented to help minimize this from happening, the best prevention is board member education and association policies and procedures regarding the disbursement of funds.  The association may also want to consider removing the email addresses listed on the website board roster or at least removing the email address of the treasurer from the association website.

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