Improving the Quality of Cancer Care by Leveraging Oncology Data Analytics

May 30, 2019
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ET

In partnership with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, This presentation will provide insight into how oncology analytics provided by the Cancer Registry can assist in the advancement and improvement of cancer care.   Leveraging technology and engaging in adaptive cancer registry abstraction techniques, unlocks a vast potential that can drive organizations to deliver best practice level care as well as successfully compete in the current value-based era.   Utilizing Cancer Registry data in an institutions multidisciplinary Cancer Quality forum allows providers to analyze and understand data analytics in ways not commonly coordinated. This provides actionable metrics that links clinical and financial perspectives to develop a powerful, collaborative relationship. Technology provides clinical decision support so providers and administrators can evaluate current trends, performance and industry benchmarks to ensure they are meeting clinical industry standards and assist in future goal setting. In addition, analytics helps to streamline cancer care operations and maximize efficiencies.


  • Discuss how Cedars-Sinai Medical Center applies data analytics driven by Cancer Registry research and analysis to improve quality of care.
  • Review how data and analytics are used to uncover insights into the clinical practice.
  • Explore challenges and opportunities that data and analytics can unveil.


Speaker: Kendra L. Hayes, RHIA, CTR

Fine Tune Your Coding Productivity Tracking and Monitoring Processes

Now that ICD-10 implementation is completed, it’s time to revitalize your coding productivity tracking and monitoring processes. Learn key productivity indicators for your coding functional area. Discover how implementing tracking and key productivity measures can maximize performance. Make managing productivity a healthy habit, not a headache.

Learn how to:

  • Set production standards and recognize the pitfalls
  • Track and trend data
  • Establish metrics and key indicators for productivity tracking
  • Identify common units of services to measure
  • Use results to support budgeting, staffing and performance

Speaker: Kris Knight, MBA, RHIA

From RUGs to PDPM: The Changing Alphabet of Medicare Skilled Nursing Prospective Payment in Long Term Care

This presentation will address the Medicare payment changes in skilled nursing facilities effective 10/1/19. The current system focuses on the resources required to manage the care of the resident. The new system will utilize ICD-10-CM coding from the Principal Diagnosis to determine part of the payment case mix index as well as base the case mix on the resident’s clinical and social characteristics. The reason for the change will also be addressed. The participants will have an opportunity to walk through the case mix calculation to become more familiar with the complexities of the new system.

Speaker: Mary Ann P. Leonard, RHIA, RAC-CT

RHIT/RHIA Exam Prep Workshop

March 4, 2019 – June 2, 2019

Choose the workshop for the exam you are preparing for: RHIA or RHIT

These online workshops are designed to provide individuals in their FINAL stages of preparing to take either the RHIA or RHIT exam with the knowledge needed to better prepare for the examinations. These workshops are also designed to strengthen and reinforce competencies for ALL domains of the exam.