Best Practices for Mobile App Adoption and Use

Download the PowerPoint flyer that has been published on your board admin area and place copies of the flyer in the attendee bags and/or at the registration desk.

Include the PowerPoint flyer in your slide presentations that you show on the screen before sessions, during the business meeting, etc.  Reference the mobile app in the facilitator script that you provide to your volunteers who introduce your speakers during each session.

Solicit a volunteer (a student, board member, or maybe an exhibitor to help drive their booth traffic) to be at the registration desk and/or the exhibit hall to help people install the app

In addition explain how to configure the notifications options, how the attendees can create their own daily schedules, access the sessions handouts that can be found if provided with the agenda session, post on the social feed, etc.

Solicit a volunteer to publish push notifications to the attendees – for example, “reminder that the President’s Reception starts at 5:30 in Ballroom A”, “reminder that Exhibit Hall opens at 8:00 AM today”, etc.  You will use the News page or Social Feed to send these push notifications.

It might be more convenient to script the push notifications before the meeting and provide to the volunteer with instructions to publish at your desired time.

Solicit a volunteer to take photos and post in the social feed.  These photos can then be used on your website and/or in the marketing promotion for next year’s meeting.

In addition, consider asking the President to post a welcome message, thank the sponsors, announce the save the date for next year’s meeting, etc.

Turn the mobile app into a revenue generator!  Offer vendor sponsorship opportunities for companies to sponsor the app!  Their company logo could be displayed on the cover of the mobile app which would be guaranteed to be displayed to all attendees who access the app. 

Demonstrate the value to the exhibitors by showing them how they can access the attendee roster on the app as well as send notifications in the News page or Social Feed.  In addition, make sure that they are aware that their logos and company information can be found under the Exhibitors or Sponsors page.


Do your speakers want to include a polling question during their sessions?  There are several ways to accomplish this through the app poll feature or a link to the poll can be posted by the speaker in the social or news feed.